Best Toothpaste? Reddit Reviews

Shopping for toothpaste can get overwhelming at times. Tens of toothpaste brands out there make all kinds of promises. Unfortunately, you cannot really ascertain most of these promises. Besides, there are different types of kinds of toothpaste in the market. Fluoride toothpaste promise to strengthen teeth and prevent decay while tartar control toothpaste helps fight plaque. Other toothpaste brands are made to relieve pain due to sensitivity from exposure from heat or cold. There is also a section of toothpaste that helps whiten your teeth and remove stains.

Not all kinds of toothpaste meet the promise that they make to the clientele. Therefore, you should look beyond the adverts to determine what toothpaste is right for you. One of the best places to get honest information from people who have used specific toothpaste in the past is Reddit. From people’s experiences, recommendations, and responses, you can figure out some of the very best toothpastes. Here are a few of them based on Reddit recommendations.

Colgate Total

u/DrVW, a dentist on r/Dentistry, recommends Colgate Total. Several other people in the subreddit have also confirmed that they use the same toothpaste for their oral hygiene. Colgate Total is one of the brand names from Colgate Company. The toothpaste is popular with people who are looking for ways to whiten their teeth and get rid of stains. The company claims that the toothpaste offers complete oral care that includes dealing with plaque and gingivitis.

Besides, it fights germs in 12 hours, freshens breath, and can help prevent the enamel from staining. It is ones of the best toothpastes for the whole family. The toothpaste is sold in a twin pack of six ounces. You may also buy other quantities on Amazon. Be sure to check the name as many Colgate brands have near similar packaging.


  • It shows results in a short while, especially when it comes to whitening
  • Has a pleasant taste that will keep you feeling fresh for long
  • The twin pack is good value for money
  • Good at maintaining oral hygiene


  • The whitening ingredients are a little abrasive and might cause you to have tooth sensitivity
  • The mint flavor is not as slow, and you might lose the taste after a few minutes
  • People with breath odor issues from sores, tooth decays and such cannot eliminate the breath problem with the toothpaste

Our rating 4.83/5

Vicco Vajradanti Dental Toothpaste

Vicco Vajradanti Dental Toothpaste was recommended by u/autograph please at r/AskReddit. Several people, most of whom have been in India, agreed that the toothpaste was good. Vicco is best known for adding Ayurvedic Medicine treatment principles for better teeth and gums. For most people, the toothpaste serves as an antiseptic, analgesic, and antiseptic. Most people use the toothpaste to help cleanse and heal oral wounds, strengthen weak teeth, and harden their gums.

Ayurvedic Medicine is a traditional Indian alternative medicine that treats various part of the mouth that includes oral problems. The toothpaste uses several traditional herbs and leaves that have healing effects and tooth protection properties. There are no animal ingredients in the toothpaste. You use it just like any other toothpaste, as the ingredients do not work like prescription medicine.


  • It is a perfect product for people looking for fluoride-free toothpaste
  • It actually helps treat people with recurrent mouth sores such as canker sores
  • Leaves a pleasant, fresh taste in the mouth that is not the gross mint taste in most toothpastes


  • Batches come with different colors, and some ingredients may be missing from the label
  • Some people get a tingling taste in their mouth after brushing
  • There is very little information on the ingredients and how to use the toothpaste

Our rating: 4.82/9

Crest Pro-Health Pro|Active Defense

This toothpaste by P&G was recommended by u/JohnnyBrillcream at r/AskReddit. The name has also come up in other subreddits such as r/Dentistry in a post by u/DrVW. From the responses of the people on the platform, it is clear that most people have used one or more types of Crest toothpaste. This package comes with three tubes of the toothpaste with 4 oz. of toothpaste. The toothpaste promises to neutralize plaque bacteria as well as defend the gums against any issues that may lead to bleeding, pain, and reddening. Other promises made by the product include cavities, gingivitis, and teeth sensitivity.

Besides, it has activated foam that ensures that the paste is delivered to every part of the mouth for full mouth cleaning. It can also detoxify the gum line and eliminate the bacteria that regularly causes gum issues and cavities. Crest is also ADA adapted as the best toothpaste to deal with various oral and teeth issues.


  • It has a pleasant taste and feels that linger in the mouth for long
  • It is good at dealing with the bad odor, especially for people with tooth decay and canker sores
  • A three-pack offer is a good value for money.
  • The toothpaste can handle staining from soda, tea, and coffee. It has some success on some cigar stains.


  • Crest has several flavors in the market, and it may be hard to determine the best for your use
  • Some flavors may have a lingering bitter after-taste
  • The tube has a little amount of the paste compared with the package

Our rating: 4.82


Sensodyne was fronted by u/Mister_Wicked on the subreddit r/AskReddit. Several other Redditors have confined that they take the use of the paste at some point in their lives. The paste comes in a pack of two tubes, with each weighing about 3.4 ounces. This toothpaste is widely known for its work on tooth sensitivity. It works by building a protective layer against painful tooth triggers such as cold or hot substances. The layer is made of stannous fluoride and helps bind the exposed dentine.

The toothpaste also helps in remineralizing the teeth, which helps strengthen the teeth and prevent the erosion of the enamel and subsequent weaknesses of the teeth. To deal with tooth sensitivity, you need to brush with toothpaste continually for a few days. However, you should get relief by brushing for some time. It has a tantalizing taste that lingers in the mouth, helping you stay fresh for long.


  • It actually provides instant relief to people suffering from teeth sensitivity
  • It can help deal with tooth sensitivity in the longrun if you use it consistently
  • You can use it for your everyday mouth hygiene


  • It works but may have a numbing effect especially in the tongue
  • You may feel a change in the taste of food if you eat soon after brushing
  • If you leave it exposed for a short time, it may get hard
  • Some customers complained that their pastes were too loose and runny

Our rating: 4.80/5

Elmex Sensitive

Elmex has different kinds of toothpaste, including the regular and anti-decay toothpaste. Elmex Sensitive is particularly created for people who suffer from tooth sensitivity. On Reddit, the product was fronted by u/douira on r/AskReddit and said that it helped him deal with teeth sensitivity. This toothpaste is a fluoride-type toothpaste, which is slightly acidic. It works by promoting the formation of calcium fluoride on top of the dentin. The layer helps protect teeth against acid attacks and promotes the process of remineralization. It also helps in long-term relief from sensitivity.

Since it is generally used by people who have problems with their dentine, it does not abrase the dentine. Therefore, it is not recommended for deep cleansing. However, it is a good product when it comes to the regular cleaning of your teeth. It is able to fight cavities and maintain oral hygiene.


  • It has a pleasant after-taste that is not the burning mint found in most of the products
  • Provides immediate relief to people suffering from tooth sensitivity. With time, it is able to handle sensitivity for good
  • You just need a very small pear size toothpaste when you brush and still the same good result


  • It is an exceptional toothpaste only that it may stain your teeth. You may need a good cleaning to deal with the temporary stains
  • It does not have much foam like most of the competing brands
  • The toothpaste comes in several flavors, and it might be hard to choose the ideal one.

Our rating: 4.78/5

FineVine Activated Charcoal Toothpaste

u/EngagingFears talked about the toothpaste on r/yourmomshousepodcast and even gave a link to the specific toothpaste. The responses were that it produces results, although it is a bit messy. Fine Vine says that the paste is all-natural and vegan. It contains such ingredients as tea tree oil, baking soda, coconut oil, diatomaceous earth, and peppermint oil. It also activated charcoal, which is known to help whiten the teeth naturally and remove stains from beverages such as tea, wine, and coffee.

It does not have other popular stabilizers and additives found on some toothpaste brands that include SLS, gluten, peroxide, and parabens. The toothpaste is easier to use than other activated charcoal products that include strips, gels, charcoal powders, and light pens. It has a mint flavor that helps you deal with bad odor and leaves you feeling fresh for longer.


  • It is an excellent product for dealing with teeth yellowing without damaging the enamel
  • It is a good alternative to people looking for fluoride-free toothpastes
  • It shows results within a few days


  • Some people feel a burning sensation in the mouth
  • It may aggravate mouth sores due to its ingredients

Our rating 4.85/5

Oral B Expert Toothpaste

Oral B is a leading oral care provider that manufactures paste, brushes, mouthwash, and floss, among other products. On Reddit, u/Roavak said that he has been using the product with excellent results in various subreddits, other users said that the product was good. There could be some using a different version of the product as there are several in the market.

It has been named best toothpaste brand for dealing with cavities, plaque, tartar, and gum problems in various forums. It also a potent stain remover that can get rid of beverage marks on your teeth. Oral B has a mild peppermint taste that keeps you feeling fresh for longer. It also helps build a layer on the enamel to protect you against acid attacks.


  • It is good at dealing with stain issues and provides results in a short period. It has a microbead that makes the teeth appear whiter
  • Helps deal with tooth sensitivity in the long-term
  • Suitable for people with recessed gums and weak dentine as it lacks the deep abrasiveness


  • Some people are not comfortable with the after-taste
  • It costs slightly higher than most of the standard toothpaste brands

Our rating: 4.85/5

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