Best Switch Games: Reddit Top Selections Reviewed

When the Nintendo Switch launched in 2017 it was met with universal acclaim for its innovative design choices and accessibility, becoming a great return to form for Nintendo. As with any console launch, the question of the console’s success was left open until players had a large library of games to play with. Since then Nintendo has not let the world down, delivering a series of innovative and ground-breaking titles in their signature first party franchises that has cemented the Switch’s place as a fan favourite console.

In this article we’ll be looking at some of the very best Nintendo Switch game you can buy right now, according to the reviews and critiques of the users over at reddit Reddit. The games featured range from classic Nintendo Staples like Zelda and Mario, to must have party games, and addictive indie titles perfect for the Switch platform. So sit back whilst we walk you through Reddit’s opinions on the best switch games.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild made quite a splash when it launched back in 2017 to rave reviews from every publication. Since that time it has grown into a much loved modern classic, with many Reddit users continuing to laud its impeccable open world and visual design, as u/CaspianX2 at r/NintendoSwitch writes, it gives the player the ‘the thrill of exploration,’ bravely shaking up the series formula to deliver an ‘absolutely unforgettable experience.’

The games advanced physics system lets you throw items with a clatter, topple trees, float down streams, and climb anything you choose. There are some flaws however, with u/wshsdude and others on r/Zelda noting the presence of some lackluster puzzles, but otherwise the game’s solid mechanics, vast open world, and immersive atmosphere will keep adventurers busy exploring for hours.


  • Immersive and expansive open world
  • Encourages player’s ingenuity
  • Beautiful art and design


  • Less focused storytelling
  • Some underwhelming puzzles

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

With 8 years having passed since 2012’s New Leaf, there were high expectations of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. New Horizons met those expectations, providing hours of whimsical and relaxing fun in an ‘idyllic fantasy life’ as u/ThopterThallid writes, with a cast of characters that have endeared themselves to the internet’s hearts. Many Redditors, including u/azknight at r/NintendoSwitch note that ‘now it’s practically the only thing I’m playing.’

There are some flaws however, with u/Edonae at r/ac_newhorizons noting that the late game experience can be hampered by some unhelpful UI design and limited furniture options, but with Nintendo continuing to update the game many users fears have been allayed, and the game is kept constantly fresh by nifty community features and online groups, allowing people to continue to share their islands and artwork with each other.


  • Relaxing and whimsical atmosphere
  • Community features
  • Varied design options


  • Some tediousness in the late game
  • Occasionally cumbersome UI

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

In the absorbing run up to the release of the latest game in the much-loved Super Smash Bros. brawler series, fans were thrilled to find that every fighter from the previous games in the series would be present in Ultimate, alongside an unparalleled array of arenas and moves. As u/Bleus4 says on r/NintendoSwitch, Super Smash Bros: Ultimate is an impressive ‘amalgamation of the history of the series’ giving fans everything they had wanted and more.

Smash Brothers returns with a more characters and arenas than any other game in the series, bringing its chaotic but accessible fighting fun to a whole new generation of players.


  • Incredible roster of characters and arenas
  • Accessible multiplayer fun
  • Great for a party


  • Repetitive campaign mode

Mario Kart 8: Deluxe

In this remastered version of the Wii U karting classic, Nintendo brings an unparalleled selection classic and new characters, karts and tracks to the Nintendo switch. As u/mikehyyy puts it, having Mario Kart 8: Deluxe is a ‘no brainer at this point’ for any Switch owner, and u/CaspianX2 agrees, noting that ‘is not just a Kart Racing game, it is the Kart Racing game.’ With more power ups than ever before, new aerial racing segments, and stunning visual design packed with crisp puffs of smoke and character expression, Mario Kart 8: Deluxe is the definitive high-octane racing game for the Nintendo Switch.


  • A couch co-op classic
  • Fantastic variety of tracks
  • Gorgeous visual effects


  • Lack of single player progression

Hollow Knight

This indie game from developers Team Cherry is a deceptively difficult arcade platformer, inspired by Nintendo’s classic Metroid series, that has bowled over players across platforms. The player must guide the titular Hollow Knight through a fallen kingdom whilst taking on evil insectoid enemies. As redditor u/halcyonfoxes at r/NintendoSwitch writes, ‘while it’s challenging, it absolutely rewards you for learning and getting better.’ Though initially difficult, the sense of accomplishment when the player finally topples a particularly strong boss overwhelming, and keeps players coming back to play again and again.


  • Rewarding sense of achievement
  • Brilliant indie visuals


  • Difficult for new players


It’s hard to imagine the world of video games before Minecraft came onto the scene in 2008, but since then its gained unparalleled popularity and been ported to just about every console. But it is the Switch edition that is a particularly strong match for the game, with the ability to move from playing on your couch to playing on the bus making it easy to pop in and out of your world, to build and explore at your leisure. The move to the Switch hasn’t watered down the games either, as u/Thecloud08 reports, it’s ‘your normal Minecraft experience’ on the go.

Though players have access to the full Minecraft experience in there hands, there are some pitfalls in performance, particularly in the late game when the players movement speed increases. But otherwise the move to Switch is ideal for Minecraft, with local multiplayer options making it a perfect match for the Switch’s emphasis on communal couch play.


  • The full experience in the palm of your hand
  • Intense dungeoneering, relaxing building


  • A sizeable early learning curve
  • Some performance issues

Pokémon Sword and Shield

The Nintendo Switch is the perfect console for the Pokémon experience, allowing you to sit back on the couch and soak in some cinematic battles, whilst also letting you un-dock your handheld and take the much-loved pocket monsters out on the road with you. Moving to a setting inspired by Britain, this Pokémon game boasts ‘beautifully designed’ areas in the words of u/antoton, and many others at r/pokemon.

With the combat in Pokémon Sword and Shield as refined and cinematic as ever, the game provides an engaging loop of training and battling, with bracing Pokémon battles in stunning 3D graphics sure to keep you entertain. However, may people like u/AnimageCGF are left hoping for more interactive elements from the open world having been intrigued by the draw of its beauty, but Pokémon Sword and Shield remains an engaging, unmissable entry in the much-loved series despite this.


  • Wonderful, idyllic open-world
  • Gripping and cinematic battles


  • Not enough chances for exploration
  • Lacklustre story

Super Mario Odyssey

With Super Mario Odyssey Nintendo achieved the impossible and wowed even veteran fans fof the franchise with the sheer innovation on display in this latest entry in the Super Mario franchise, making the most of the Switch’s new hardware and graphical capabilities whilst staying true to the fantastic platforming core of the Mario games. As u/BillyOneyPaige writes on r/MarioOdyssey, the game is ‘nostalgic yet totally fresh and involved.’ With the introduction of new life to Mario’s famous red cap, player’s will find themselves armed with a whole new move-set to help them run, leap and slide through Odyssey’s many gorgeous levels.

On the side of graphics and sounds, u/jay-quellyn singles out the ‘bright-colored graphics and the music’ as a particular draw, all contributing the irresistible and whimsical atmosphere of this stand-out game in the already brilliant Super Mario franchise. With so much content, some have complained of tedium in certain areas on the hunt for every collectable there is, but with variety around every corner, it’s likely you’ll find much to love in Super Mario Odyssey, one of the very best Nintendo Switch Games.


  • Impeccable platforming design from the masters
  • Gorgeous and varied levels and music
  • Hours and hours of content


  • Some tedium in the late game


All in all, Nintendo has fully lived up to the potential and promise of the Nintendo Switch’s launch, proving that a console can effortlessly juggle couch and hand-held play whilst still providing unmatchable games and experiences wherever the player is. Amongst this selection of Reddit’s best Switch games there is something for everyone, from exploring the open world of Breath of the Wild, to tending to your home sweet home in New Horizons, brawling, flying and bouncing with your opponents in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, or hopping, skipping and jumping your way to that next collectible in Super Mario Odyssey.

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