Best Electric Toothbrush According to Reddit Users

An electric toothbrush has the edge over the classic manual toothbrush. It helps you adopt the right brushing habits, such as repeating the procedure long enough to clean your teeth thoroughly and reach out to all other areas of the mouth. It also helps deal with halitosis, a condition where the build-up of bacteria on the tongue causes bad breath. There are tens of electric toothbrushes in the market today, and you may have a problem determining the best one for your use. Sometimes, advertisements and endorsements do not give all-round reviews of electric toothbrush brands. This article explores recommendations from users on Reddit to help determine the best electric toothbrush. We have looked for brands that have positive remarks from specific Reddit users and equally good reviews from other users on the platform.

Oral-B Pro 1000 Power Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush Powered by Braun

This is the most popular Braun brush by Oral B. Braun is a technology that comes from Germany. This brush has a cross action design where each tooth has bristles that are angled at 16 degrees. The feature helps reach larger sections at the gum line and deal with issues such as plaque. Besides, it has a 3D cleaning action to reach the entire tooth. It also oscillates, pulsates and rotates to remove as much as three times more plaque than your manual toothbrush.

In addition, the brush has a pressure sensor that stops the pulsating action when you brush your teeth too hard. This may help prevent damage to the gum line that could cause the formation of blisters. There is also an in-handle timer, which enables you to ensure that you have brushed the teeth for at least two minutes as recommended by dentists. You can replace the head with various types, including TriZone, FlossAction, DualClean and ProWhite. The brand was proposed on Reddit by u/Aze0trop3 in the subreddit r/BuyItForLife. The user said that they had used the brush for several years and it worked fine.


  • It is a great cheap brand for those on a tight budget
  • Has pretty good cleaning action that helps deal with plaque
  • Braun is known for quality technologies and can be attested by the reliability of the powering unit
  • A good deal for people who have sensitive dentine


  • The auto-shut feature sometimes fails and may keep running as long as there is charge
  • It takes up to 22 hours to fully charge the battery, which is too long
  • Some people have reported charging pods not working after sometime

Oral B 8000

Oral B 8000 has been nominated as one of the best electric toothbrushes in the market right now. u/doctordeeb posted on r/Dentistry subreddit, saying the brush had really worked for him. One of the major features that the user liked about the brush is the pressure sensor, which helped him not to brush the teeth too hard. The technology slows the speed and uses the app to notify you that you are brushing too hard.

This electric toothbrush pairs with your smartphone and has an app that uses facial recognition technology to advise you about brushing. It also shows you the areas in tour mouth that you have not brushed. Besides, it has a customizable multi-color ring that gives visual coaching on pressure and brushing time in real-time. There are six cleaning modes that are based on your requirements, and they include the Pro Clean Mode, Tongue Cleaning, Gum Care, Daily Clean, Whitening and Sensitive. Each mode has specific settings to deal with the particular issue it has targeted.

It also comes with a smart travel case that allows you to charge the smartphone and brush simultaneously when traveling. Besides, it can automatically order a replacement of the head if there is a need to, thanks to the Amazon Dash replacement feature.


  • This smart toothbrush comes with added features such as Bluetooth and app that enhances your brushing
  • The pressure sensor, along with brushing modes, ensure that you brush with the best settings as per your need
  • The travel case ensures that your phone and toothbrush remain charged, which is cheaper than having adaptors for each


  • The return period for the brush is too short
  • Position detection is not very accurate

Oral B Pro Genius 9600

Oral-B 9600 is an ADA-accepted (American Dental Association) electric toothbrush. It is powered by the German Braun technology. Besides, it has a gum protection technology that advises you on the best way to brush your teeth, depending on your needs. It has six tooth cleaning modes that include the tongue, sensitive teeth, daily cleaning, whitening, gum care and sensitive teeth. The toothbrush is particularly popular due to its gum care setting that helps remove the plaque on the gum line with little irritation. On the other hand, the sensitive setting helps clean worn out dentine and cavities without triggering pain.

Like most advanced brushes from Oral B, it also has position detection that lets you know the part of the mouth that you have not touched with the brush. In addition, it has a pressure sensor that slows it down and alerts you when brushing too hard. You also get some feedback when brushing so that you can to clean your teeth for the recommended two minutes. Using the travel charger, you can charge your smartphone and the brush from one wall unit. It is compatible with various voltage differences across countries for added convenience. The brush is a personal favorite for u/blackberryfire as posted on r/Dentistry.


  • The toothbrush has a nice design for the ease of use
  • The six brushing modes helps in getting precise brushing settings as per your need
  • The app and visual feedback offers the right advice for cleaners and healthier teeth


  • The app sometimes misses the mark and may give inaccurate signals
  • The return process for the brush is quite long
  • Has little difference with Pro 8000 to explain the huge price difference

Philips SonicareFlexcare Plus Sonic Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush

Phillips Sonicare is a popular brand around the world with various models from which you can pick. The brand was recommended by u/fratking at r/BuyItForLife, and there have been several comments attesting to the fact that the product is good. Several dentists have also recommended it across the world. In fact, some studies have clinically proven that it can help improve gum health in just about two weeks.

Just as derived from its name, it has a unique sonic technology, which provides up to 62,000 brush strokes each minute. This offers exceptional power when dealing with plaque and tartar along with cleaning between the teeth. This often leads to up to six times plaque removal when compared with the manual toothbrush.

In addition, the toothbrush has a smart timer, which helps you brush your teeth for the recommended minutes and the Quad Pacer that ensures that you brush all the parts of your mouth. This ensures that you consistently clean your mouth every other day.

Its charger works with the 110 volts and 220 volts standard. When fully charged, the brush can take up to three weeks. This is of great convenience to travelers.


  • It produces quality results within a short period
  • Its fast speed helps clean the mouth better and faster
  • The build is reliable and long-lasting


  • Sometimes, the charger fails to work
  • The fast cleaning may irritate the very sensitive dentine

Philips SonicareEasyClean

U/HuskerCaturday suggested this electric toothbrush brush on r/Dentistry. The Sonicare brand has received raving reviews from users across the social platform, meaning that it has some of the best electric toothbrushes in the market. This model is relatively cheaper than most models under the brand but still offers robust performance. It boasts of a whopping 31,000 revolutions per minute, which helps dislodge debris that may be stuck between your teeth and plaque just above your gum line. You end up having a cleaner and better mouth than before.

Besides, the manufacturer has put other technologies that include the Smartimer, Easy Start and Quadpacer. With Easy start, you just need to apply a little pressure above your enable for the brush to clean effectively. The Smartimer ensures that you have brushed the teeth long enough as recommended by dentists without overdoing it. On the other hand, the Quadpacer beeps so that you can brush the other quadrant after 30 seconds.


  • It has better plaque removal than your ordinary toothbrush
  • Easy-Start learn and adjust to your brushing action, enhancing convenience
  • A single charge lasts two weeks


  • It does not last long like the rest of the brands
  • Its batteries fail more rapidly than competitors

Oral B 3000 Smartseries Electric Toothbrush

Oral B Smartseries electric toothbrush is made with components from the German technology company Braun. It was recommended on Reddit by u/jumbo1100 on the subreddit, AskReddit. This toothbrush comes with an app, which you can use to personalize your brushing routines for the app to do the monitoring. It also has an in-handle timer that buzzes after every 30 seconds to let you know that it is time to change one quadrant of the mouth to another. This ensures that you have cleaned all the areas of your mouth and done the brushing for at least two minutes.

You can use any of the three modes whose touch buttons are shown on the handle. The Daily Clean plus lets you know that you are applying so much pressure on your teeth and slows the brush. On the other hand, the Gum Care mode massages your gum for enhanced cleanliness and comfort. Finally, the sensitive mode adjusts the settings for gentle cleaning. This toothbrush works with various heads from the Oral B brand and has the Amazon Dash enabled, enabling it to make automatic orders when it is time to change the head.


  • It is an easy to use brush with ten days of battery life
  • You will start seeing the results of your brushing in a short time
  • It has different modes for different mouth needs


  • The battery life is too short compared to competing brands
  • Sometimes the Easy-Clean may give inaccurate indicators


When looking for the best electric toothbrush, ensure that you go for a reliable model with most basic requirements such as a pressure sensor or variable speed, a reasonable battery life and a quality build so that you can use it for a considerable period. Added features such as timer and quadrant beep may help create a good brushing habit. Check the brands that most of the Redditors use as listed above.

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