Best 1440p 144hz Monitor According to Reddit

Over the years, gaming PCs and monitors have gotten more powerful. The increase in the monitors’ quality can be attributed to the fact that more brands are trying to compete for the top spot and attract a wide range of clients. The competition has also led to increased advancements in the gaming monitor technology by different brands.

One of the main issues that companies have been trying to resolve is the refresh rate and quality of resolution. A good quality resolution rate is only possible on an extremely powerful computer. For most people, getting a powerful PC is quite expensive and impossible to acquire. However, the 144Hz 1440p configuration in gaming monitors has allowed for a striking balance between smooth motion and high-resolution visuals.

Choosing the best 1440p 144Hz monitor

When choosing the best gaming monitor, some important elements that you need to consider include;

  • The refresh rate
  • Quality of the display
  • Color and contrast
  • Response time
  • Quality control elements
  • Brightness
  • The comfort of use (like eye care technology)

You also need to consider elements like how easy it is to connect the monitor to your other gaming devices. You also need to consider the cost of the product and compare it with the features that the product has to offer.

In this article, we will be looking at the best 1440p 144Hz monitor in the market. After extensive research, we found the following monitors to be the best in the market;

Asus TUF Gaming VG27AQ 27-Inch Monitor

This 27-inch 1440p 144hz IPS gaming monitor with 1ms features a response time of 165Hz refresh rate. It supports 144H and G-SYNC compatibility. The compatibility feature allows for a tear-free experience. The gaming monitor also features an extremely low motion blur sync element, also known as ELMB SYNC. This technology helps to allow for a 1ms response time. It works collaboratively with the Adaptive-sync to eliminate any form of ghosting and tearing. This helps to enable sharp gaming visuals as well as high frame rates. This superior motion handling technology allows for a tremendous gaming experience.

The gaming monitor also comes with an Eye Care technology. The technology helps to minimize the chances of eye fatigue hence allowing for an effortless gaming experience. Additionally, it comes with an ergonomic stand. The stand features full height, pivot, and swivel. These elements allow for adjustments to be made to accommodate for use in any desk and by anyone. The monitor is compatible with all kinds of industry-standard HDR10 High Dynamic Range.

The element allows for color and brightness levels beyond what any other ordinary monitor in the market. The monitor can be connected by either display port 1, 2, or dual HDMI. According to Reddit User (Alexkop98), it is one of the best products because of its native G-SYNC element.


  • It is compatible with industry-standard HDR10
  • It features eye care technology
  • It features flexible connectivity options
  • It features an optional black frame insertion element that allows for better motion clarity


  • The contrast element of the monitor is mediocre

ASUS ROG Swift PG278QR 27-Inches

One of the most incredible features of this product is that it is designed with flexible connectivity options. This means that it can be connected with DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 1.4, and USB 3.0 ports. It also comes with an NVIDIA SYNC feature. The feature allows for smooth gameplay. The element works by eliminating the tearing and shuttering of the screen. The monitor features a maximum brightness of 350 cd per square meter.

Like most ASUS monitors, this product features an eye care technology supported by the blue light filter and the flicker-free backlighting. This element allows for safe gaming for long hours by reducing the eye’s eyestrain and other ailments. The 27-inch WQHD panel features a 1ms response time. It also features adjustable color settings as well as color temperatures, which can be set through OSD.

It also comes with an overlocked refresh rate up to 165 Hertz. It also embraces ROG standards and design, which is also an incredible element. It also comes with an ergonomic stand that allows for tilt, pivot, and height adjustments, this means that you can use it on different surfaces, and you can adjust it to suit your comfort needs. According to Reddit User (Santopeace), the monitor works perfectly with MAC.


  • It features eye care technology
  • It features an adjustable ergonomic stand
  • It features a narrow bezel design that allows for multi-display setups


  • The monitor is not durable

Dell Gaming Monitor S2417DGYNY1D

This is one of the best 1440p 144hz monitors in the market. It features incredible clarity because of its QHD resolution. The clarity element is almost twice what you can find in standard monitors in the market. This element is designed to allow for an enhanced visual experience. It also comes with optimal preset modes. The modes are tailored specifically to suit different types of gaming genres. The monitor comes with a flicker-free screen, which allows for optimized eye comfort.

Other comfort elements include the non-screen tearing, no shattering, and no ghost image features. This means that you do not have to worry about anything interfering with your performance and visual quality. It also features a response time of 1ms and a contrast ratio or 1000:1. Additionally, it comes with an ultrathin bezel that allows you to enjoy a seamless dual and multi-monitor setup for your gaming station.

The monitor is very easy to use, set, and customize. This means that you do not have to worry about spending a lot of time trying to set up the device. Therefore, you can get the best gaming experience. According to Reddit User (ihuntNOObs), an incredible element of the product is that it features a wide range of ports for connectivity, allowing you to switch from gaming to secondary gaming without rearranging your cords.


  • It is easy to set up
  • It allows for comfort while playing with its eye care and flicker-free elements
  • It features three preset modes that allow for a better gaming experience


  • It features some issues with low response time and inverse ghosting

LG 34GN850-B 34 Inch 21: 9 UltraGear Curved QHD (3440 x 1440) 1ms Nano IPS Gaming Monitor

This gaming monitor supports a wide color spectrum and 98 percent of the DCI-P3 color gamut that expresses high-fidelity color. This element allows for reproducing with VESA Display HDR 400. The elements work together to allow for a realistic visual immersion. This means that gamers get to experience the sensation of being at the center of the battlefield when playing. The monitor features a FreeSync Premium Technology.

The element helps to eliminate issues like screen tearing and stuttering. This technology allows you to experience seamless fluid movement in hi-resolution. It is also an excellent feature for fast-paced games. The monitor features NVIDIA G-SYNC compatibility. It also features a 1ms response time and a refresh rate of 144H. The 34-inch ultra-wide QHD gaming monitor and a Nano IPS display. It also features a 3-side virtually borderless design.

It also comes with an adjustable stand that allows for different tilt and height features. According to Reddit User (lukeyboy89), the high-quality monitor features good color reproduction, a uniform panel, and incredible response time.


  • It features amazing picture quality
  • It is highly responsible and high refresh rates
  • It features a sturdy design


  • It is very expensive

AOC Agon AG241QX 24″ Gaming Monitor

This is the best 1440p 144hz monitor for professional-grade gaming monitor with excellent HD resolution. Its fast refresh rate and rapid 1ms response with premium TN panel allow for an incredible gaming experience. It also comes with NVIDIA G-SYNC compatibility elements and an adaptive-sync element that allows for the smoothest competitive gameplay.

It features numerous input elements, including a DisplayPort, HDMI 2.0, HDMI-MHL, DVI-D, and VGA inputs. The gaming monitor features a low input lag and shadow control element that allows you to see better and react faster. It also comes with built-in speakers, a headphone hanger, and handle, which allows for better convenience. It also features an ergo dial height-adjustable stand.

The stand comes with pivot, tilt, and rotate elements that allow for ultimate comfort. According to Reddit User (PrkGGoki), the quick switch mode controller that comes with the product allows faster scene adjustments when playing.


  • It comes with complementary products like built-in speakers, headphone hangers and handles
  • It is easy to setup
  • It was ranked the best G-sync compatible FreeSync monitor for Prime Day by PCGamer in 2019


  • There are some issues with the display like motion blur

Samsung C32HG70 32″ HDR QLED 144Hz 1ms Curved Gaming Monitor

This gaming monitor features Quantum Dot Technology. This element allows for an extreme upgrade in your gaming experience. It allows for a wide range of color shades, which makes your gaming experience more lively and incredible. The gaming monitor also comes with support for High Dynamic Range. The HDR element allows for dark areas to appear darker and bright areas to appear brighter. This feature allows you to see all the incredible details a contrast on your screen hence allowing for a better gaming experience.

The gaming monitor also features an AMD Radeon FreeSync 2 support. This technology allows for a smoother gaming experience. It also allows for plug-and-play HDR gaming because of its two-time perceivable brightness and color element. The SRGB Spectrum offers the color element without causing any distortion or any visual distraction.

The monitor is also designed with an advanced motion blur reduction and VA panel technology. These technologies, combined with the curved monitor, allow for super-fast motion picture response time. It also features a fast 144Hz screen refresh rate that allows you to enjoy a flawless, smooth action scene hence allowing for smoother gameplay. Reddit User (brianhung02) recommends this product for users with rigs that can handle 1440p.


  • It features dazzling detail in a wider view
  • The curved element pulls you in
  • It features multiple ports that allow for multi-tasking


  • The quality control element is not as incredible as advertised


The monitors mentioned above are designed to allow for better gaming experience and provide a competitive advantage. They also feature incredible detail and visuals that will tremendously better your gaming experience.

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